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Indian DJ Shot Dead For Not Playing Song A Guest Requested


An Indian DJ, Arun Valmiki was shot dead while working a private party at the residence of a local businessman in the Uttar Pradesh state in Northern India. According to BBC,one guest requested a song titled �Tamanche De Disco,” which translates from Hindu as �dancing with an illegal firearm.” After DJ Valmiki denied the request, the guest was so enraged that he pulled out a revolver and shot the DJ.

Valmiki was taken to a government hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival, according to BBC�. The man who shot Valmiki was a relative to the host and reportedly fired several shots in the air while on the dance floor.
The video for the song features the hero flaunting a revolver, similar to the one used to shoot and kill Vilmaki, while dancing in a discothèque. The song is taken from the 2013 Bollywood action flick called Bullett Raja.
According to police, the guest has been jailed after shooting the DJ.


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