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Is Meek Mill Missing Nicki Minaj?

NickiMeekMeek Mill has said he is shocked that Nicki Minaj relationship with Kenneth Petty is still going strong but he thinks the relationship is only a phase to her.

According to reports, Meek is not pleased with the two pf them being together plus the Kenneth in question is a sex offender.

A source told HollywoodLife recently, “Meek thinks about Nicki all the time, even misses her sometimes,”

“[Meek] will never reach out to her as long as Kenneth stands in the way.”

“Meek is shocked that Nicki is still with Kenneth because he thinks she deserves better than guys from her neighborhood like Kenneth. Meek feels Nicki is going through a phase with this guy from her past.” HollywoodLife source explains.

“Meek does not expect Nicki to stay with Kenneth and once he is out of the way, when the timing is right, Meek would love to hit her up again.”

“Despite their rocky past, Meek doesn’t feel like things are over between him and Nicki. He is watching from a distance, waiting for her to wake up and break up with this guy that Meek feels will never earn the right to be Nicki’s husband,” the source concluded.”


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