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Jealous? Ex lovers Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim diss each-other on social media

Juliet Ibrahim and Ik Ogbonna

So I was doing ma job as usual looking for juicy gossip and I noticed this…. Juliet Ibrahim and Ik Ogbonna were lovers before things went sour and he begged for her forgiveness publicly. The whole drama today started when Juliet tweeted the above tweet, many were speculating she was referring to her ex boo and his new sexy girlfriend Sonia.

Ik Ogbonna further confirmed this by posting the photo below on Instagram, making his new gf Sonia his Woman Crush, read his caption and you will see his reply to Juliet Ibrahim’s shade…He said she aint beyonce but beautiful Onyinye.

Juliet got mad and started tweeting what you will find below, she has since deleted the tweets but I have screengrabed them already #winks

They should calm down, love turns sour, move on!!

Juliet Ibrahim is said to be dating Bryan Okwara but the two have denied such stories


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  1. I can't with these two Lmao two of the worst actors in the history of Africa he with his ugly nose ugly head and eyes looking like Kermit the frog or a bug and she with her legs that should be covered with a long dress every day. Neither one can speak properly….so My only question is how the f*** did they make us believe they are worth being on the big screen for this long. We have given them enough air time it is time for them to disappear. Please publish my comment under "pissed of ex fan" thank you. *off to sip my tea*

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