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Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t belong with the rest of the World!

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The “Good News” as presented by our smooth-talking, modestly dressed and frequent unexpected guests – The Jehovah’s Witnesses, who by the way, always tend to show up at the wrong time, isn’t as particularly exciting as it sounds.

Asides the willingness of Witnesses, who are always equipped with materials to engage you in either brief or extensive debates (depending on your energy level and willpower for the day) in defense of their claim as the only “true religion” while others are viewed as “demonically inspired” (which could piss you off a little if you have no chill), there’s a lot more to this interesting religious splinter cell.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, are fondly notable for their numerous seclusion from certain conventional practices. In other words, they aren’t your regular everyday Christians!

The disregard for patriotism and the slim recognition of ‘earthly’ political authority by Jehovah’s Witnesses, know no bounds!

In line with their belief system that indicts the government of this world as being under the control of Satan, which they believe will eventually be destroyed by Jehovah (God) in the very near future; voting in elections, celebrating birthdays, observing national celebrations or simply reciting the national anthem according to them, doesn’t align with Jehovah’s will for us. Joining the army in defense of one’s country, is also highly forbidden of Witnesses!

Isn’t it slightly awkward, trying so hard to make sense of their non-negotiable stand on the issue of donating, storing or transfusion of blood, even in moments of emergency? “I’d rather die on the hospital bed accepting God’s will, than consent to an unbiblical blood transfusion” a Witness recently boasted to me.

Witnesses on the lower rung of the food chain, aren’t allowed to grow a contrary opinion on their rigid doctrines. Excessive inquiry and a different biblical point of view, could put a Witness at risk of being banished or dismembered from the group, which is also accompanied by a restrictive order to members to discontinue further interaction with the ‘demon possessed’ expelled victim, even if they were family!

Aren’t the Jehovah’s Witnesses extremists of some sort?

I guess, this is the point where the pulse of any Jehovah’s Witness reading this, would be vibrating with the urge to hurriedly put me in the ‘right perspective’ with their famous portion of the Bible which remind Christians not to conform to, or take part in the things of this world.

Witnesses have no legitimate recognition of ‘worldly authority’, yet they persuasively seek to appeal the ban imposed on them by the Russian government, at the worldly court which is supposedly controlled by Satan, and presided over by a worldly judge who’s a worldly non-Witness! Funny how things work out.

While I do not subscribe to vindictive policies levied against Jehovah’s Witnesses anywhere in the world, I think it’s almost certain that although they dwell among us, Witnesses don’t belong with us in this current existing world (whether as citizens or co-Christians), and no one can really blame the shrewd Russian government for having a temper towards them.

Nimi Princewill
Twitter: @princewill_nimi
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Bio: Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian creative writer, poet and social reformer. He’s very passionate about the social reformation and political development of Africa. He’s most notable for his unconventional opinions on issues that cut across religion, sports, social lifestyle and politics.

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