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Jeremiah Ogbodo slams African men who hate black women

UntitledCelebrity stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo wrote this article eye-opening article for the brothers out there ..Read below

It’s crazy that many people with Afro hair, think the hair that they were born with is unpresentable…Social conditioning is a real problem..Whoever you are, however you were born… You were born beautiful.
Brothers stop hating women that look like you!
Why is it whenever we get a bit of money, we forget where we came from and our whole circle becomes lighter.
If you hate the sisters… You hate yourself.
Many men are looking for lighter women, not because lighter women are more beautiful, but because they are trying to align themselves with European standards of beauty.The need for white validation is a really sad state of affairs.
It’s not necessary, because even though there are still existing systems that support structure, based on white supremacy, things are different now.We can communicate to anybody anywhere in the world.
Use the resources you have to look at other ethnic groups and look at how they treat their women.
They don’t penalise them because of their shade of skin… Or because their hair grows naturally straight, or curly or whatever.

Fellas stop watching porn and expecting women to live up to your fantasies.Porn isn’t real, women are equal human beings and every woman you meet isn’t going to have a perfect body, hair to the floor and want to be tied up every night… If you want a pornstar, marry a pornstar and you will realise that many pornstars have been abused, are depressed, and have a drug/alcohol problem.
Many don’t, some just like sex but don’t judge all women by a fantasy role that men created. Some women like to watch porn.

Many women don’t, the women that I know tell me that sex is more mental and less visual for them.
For many men it’s the other way around… A lot of that has to do with social conditioning.
Imagine if all women expected all men to have perfect physiques, massive penises, have sex for hours and have to cook everyday… Many men would end up feeling worthless and useless when they don’t live up to unrealistic expectations.
I would never expect all that if I couldn’t deliver that.
Sisters keep loving yourselves, your natural beauty is all that naturally beautiful men want to see.

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