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Jesse Jagz Speaks On His Type Of Women

Jesse Jagz NaijaVibe

In an interview on Pulse TV, Chocolate City returnee Jesse Jagz described his ideal woman.

Really I don’t have a type. Of course you have to be very confident in who you are, beautiful inside and outside. I like short, small sometimes, because I am small too. I like tall, elegant, giraffe like women

said Jesse Jagz.

He also said that he is not much of a boob guy and he prefers a sizeable booty over the Nicki Minaj type.

I am not really a boob guy as such

he stated.

Jesse Jagz also said he doesn’t have any preference when it comes to skin colour.

I think I have probably seen all shades, and it has nothing to do with shade for me. I am not very particular

he said.

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