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Joe Budden Is A Loser – The Game

The GameBeef instigator and rapper, The Game recently made fun of popular radio presenter, Joe Budden with words that suggested he boned his fiancee, Cyn Santana.

This revelation comes after The Game’s recently released song where he also alleged that he slept with Kanye’s boo, Kim Kardashian.

With no reply forthcoming from Kanye West, Kim or Kylie (whom he also claimed to have slept with) his next target is Joe Budden, who he has been in dispute with for years.

His words to Joe, “You can’t sue nobody for discovering the p***y before you. I turned you into an on-air personality. Enjoy retirement, pu**y! The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, ‘n*gga, so what?’ What type of loser, face-a** n***a is you, n***a? I don’t give two f**ks about what anyone did before I was involved with them. To me, that’s more loser s**t. You didn’t say it to me. You said it in a song. And you can call me Game. You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your f**king mouth, man.”

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