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Joseph Yobo is not married to Adaeze until he does the “Igba Nkwu” – In-law reveals

Adaeze Igwe and Joseph Yobo

According to YES Magazine, Adaeze Yobo‘s inlaws are not happy her husband didn’t marry her traditionally before their white wedding in 2010..

This is what one of her people said
My names are Elochukwu Chris Ekejimbe or Chris Ekejimbe, Jnr. But I’ve rebranded myself. Initially, it was Chris Ekejimbe, Jnr

Well, I am not aware that one of our daughters is married to Joseph Yobo. Joseph Yobo is one of my favourite footballers; I love him with a passion. He’s a G. He’s a very talented footballer. But, yes, I know he has a wife and I know the girl in question is my sister, from Iru Owelle. Adaeze’s father is Ikechukwu Igwe; presently the chairman of Iru Owelle in Iru Owelle, Awka Etiti. And I am not aware that Yobo formally married Adaeze.
There’s no Igba Nkwu, there’s nothing. We will be excited to have Yobo in Awka Etiti. Let him come to Awka Etiti and fulfil all righteousness. I’m surprised that Yobo hasn’t bothered to go find out where his wife is from. Igba Nkwu is the traditional part of marriage. Like I said, in spite of my Western adventures, I’m a staunch believer in the African traditions. I believe a lot in African mystics, myths. Igba Nkwu is a kind of ceremony that first of all acknowledges the union between two people. It’s the first process that acknowledges the union between the two people; the union is traditionally acknowledged. In the olden days in Igbo land, it’s believed that when there’s no Igba Nkwu, you are not properly married to the lady. So, the gods of the land will be against you.. Igba Nkwu is supposed to be done on the soil where the girl is from


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