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Jumoke Odetola Is Useless And Heartless – Bewaji Folashade

JumokeOte2Upcoming Yoruba actress, Bewaji Folashade a.k.a Queen Beweji has taken to Instagram to bash popular actress, Jumoke Odetola.

No reason for the bashing is known but Bewaji stated that Jumoke Otedola wants a fight with her but she will not be a willing participant in that since she has class.

Her words, “This girl is a stupid *ss of the highest order @jumokeotedola The most illogical useless and heartless trash in the whole world is this girl in the picture.

You want to fight face to face but I will never give you, to proof to you girl that I’m not a low class lady like you ugly rag and shameless thing… Bewaji Lovers never mind the imprudent girl.”

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