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Kenyan Thieves Need To Learn From Nigerians – Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe
Popular Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has come to blast cheap conmen in her country stealing small pocket change like $50, $100, and $400.

She recently had her say via her social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, if these people have decided to make stealing their profession, they shouldn’t be cheap about it.

Huddah added that they should learn to do it like Nigerians and break the bank in a big way.

Her words, “If you are gonna be a thief/conman Lol. Stop stealing small pocket change. Steal at least so someone can see you in a mansion next day! Here people steal $50, $100, $400 thinking they have cleaned your bank. And tomorrow they still the same,”

“If I m gonna steal I will do it big time. Y’all stop with cheap cons. Be like Nigerians. Break a bank!”


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