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My name is Keziah (a biblical name) and I am not a whore.
I have two boyfriends; One a serious relationship and the other my Pillar. Pillar in the sense that when me and my boyfriend have a misunderstanding, I ask him (Pillar) for Money.

I met Pillar before Boyfriend A and he (Pillar) wants to marry me. I cannot because;
1.) He is Igbo.
2.) He has a Child from his ex-girlfriend.
3.) He is too mushy and too all over me.
4.) He is 10years Older than me. (I’m 25 and he is 35)
5.) He never takes me clubbing(I want a funky husband).

I met Boyfriend A two months ago at Koko Lounge, we’ve been dating three weeks after the Friday night we met and I want to get married to him.

I love my boyfriend A and he loves me too but the only problem is that he doesn’t give me as much money as Pillar does. Yes, he is Yoruba. The day I started to question his love for me was the day he hit me and this is what happened;
“I asked him for Ten thousand Naira to fix my nails while he was playing FIFA, he told me to Chill for 30mins, I waited. I asked him in 30mins time, he told me 15mins, I asked him 15mins time and I (jokingly) threatened to turn off the T.V if he didn’t answer me. I did turn it off jokingly when he was about to score (like I said, I was joking) next thing I know, I had a black eye at work the next day”

I lied to pillar that I had an eye infection so he gave me Fifty thousand Naira for hospital bill to treat my eye. I told boyfriend A I was breaking up with him, in fact I composed a breakup text and sent it to him. He begged me, I forgave him.

I noticed also that boyfriend A didn’t use to take me clubbing on Fridays again, this saddened my heart, he always told me this;
“Baby you know I have to work, I have to travel to Abuja on Fridays now, I’ll be back on Sunday evening. If I don’t work, I won’t have money to buy you the Jade diamond ring you want” I was always blushing each time he said that to me I forced myself to believe he was still in love with me.

In three month time was boyfriend A’s 29th birthday; July 17, I was broke. I needed to do him a surprise party or get him something out of this world. I needed like 2million Naira and this is how I got it;
“I stayed two nights at Pillars house and we had sex. I threatened him that I was pregnant and I needed money for an abortion, he told me NO! That I should keep the baby and he’ll take responsibility. I told him it was an Ectopic pregnancy (Pregnancy outside the Uterine Cavity) and the doctor says i have to do an operation to remove it. (I made a Fake doctors report) he wanted to follow me to the hospital, I didn’t let him. To cut the story short, he gave me 3million Naira after much threatening words at him.”

Pillar called me often to check on me, if I had done the operation, he told me he was worried and I should pls tell him the hospital I’m in so he can check up on me. Urghh!!! He was becoming a pest so I changed all my sims so he won’t call again.

I was bored and lonely one Friday night(since boyfriend A was in Abuja), so me and my girlfriends decided to have a girls night out, eat out and then go clubbing. We went to Radisson Blu to have dinner and guess What happened;
“The Idiot that told me he was going to Abuja for business was having a Candle lit dinner with another girl”

I started to have palpitations, I lost my appetite. I noticed the way he was smiling and talking to the girl (Boyfriend A has never done this to me) Infact, I was too angry. My girlfriends didn’t know what was wrong, so I left them there, took a cab and went home.

I pretended like nothing happened, I didn’t talk to him about it. In short, I already knew he was cheating. Monday to Thursday was for me, Friday to Sunday was for the side chick. I was jealous.

I sent him a break up text again (the 5th time) this is what I sent;
“Hey, I know you don’t love me. What’s the point of being in a relationship when I’m not happy. Can we just end what is going on between us?!”

This was his Reply;
“If that’s what you want, its cool”

WOW!! I was exasperated. He didn’t beg me or call me, I started to cry looking at my phone and waiting for a text like this;
“Baby I’m sorry, pls don’t go”

For two days, he didn’t call my phone or text me. So I sent him a text saying;
“I’m sorry for breaking up with you, you know I was joking right?! Pls can we just continue from where we stopped?”

He replied with “K”

I wanted him back, I had no Pillar. . On his birthday, these were the things I got him;
1.) Gold Rolex wristwatch
2.) Three Cakes
3.) Thirteen designer shoes
4.) Fifa 13
5.) Four brand new Tyres for his car

I got them delivered to his place and I was of course expecting a Call from him. I got a text and it read;
“Thanks a lot Keziah, you shouldn’t have spent so much.. You’re really such a wonderful friend and you’ll forever be my friend. God bless you abundantly. P.S those tyres you sent made my day mehn”

I fainted (literarily) I was friend zoned, after that much spending. He really made it clear to me we weren’t dating and then of course he has a new girlfriend. On his dp on bbm, he used this particular Red velvet cake as his dp, and written on it was;
“Happy Birthday Boo”. (THAT WASN’T THE CAKE I SENT TO HIM). I sulked looking at the picture and finally came to accept my fate (Massive heartbreak).

Well, I went to work the next day with my eyes all teary; no make-up, I didn’t brush my hair well and my shirt wasn’t ironed. My colleagues knew something was wrong but I pretended like all was well so I forced a smile and dispensed myself a cup of Cappuccino. I Opened my laptop to check my mail and here’s the message I got;
“Hi Keziah, (it was from Pillar) I know what you did, but trust me I have forgiven you. I really loved you, I did everything for you even though I know you were cheating. Anyway, my wedding is coming up September 29th and you’re highly invited. Pls let me know as soon as you get this message”

I lost on both sides (Two boyfriends) I forced myself to drink more Cappuccino as I cried and watched my tears drip in the Cup. I didn’t reply the mail, I deleted it and suddenly, a voice started to ring in my head saying this;
“You are the biggest fool alive”


  1. Wisdom Okpeahior

    Girls shud b wise n do sumtins 4 demselves not jumping around doing crap.

  2. Girls girls!… They'll neva change, wat was it or should I say wat is It dat U?????
    Really wanted?… U?????
    Tot U?????
    Were a sharp babe. Ur'e actually d biggest fOol AliVe. And its a lesson 2 those other ones out there

  3. Lobatan!!!!too bad she lost.beta luck next tym gal

  4. Lollz! Wetin pain me pass na d money wey u spend buy dos tinz for boifwend A sa! Beta luck next time…..

  5. okafor ifunanya

    Seriously, thid is what we find in our society today….Girls who bite more then they can chew…. I hope we can all learn from this…

  6. Mehn dis nt a ???? one at all mehn chia all I can say to da gurl is dat pls accept da truth nd be wise next time gurl througly sori for all da pains u passed through

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