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Kim Kardashian Wants “Momo Challenge.” Off YouTube

KimKHAIR2Kim Kardashian has proven she does not want mums and dads attending to their kids’ medical needs anytime soon as she feels their minds are being messed with.

She recently came out to demand that the viral “Momo Challenge.” should be scrapped by YouTube.

If you don’t know what it is about, the video shows a scary figure coming out of nowhere, ordering kids to murder themselves and also threatening them to ensure their parents do not hear about the secret video.

Kim Kardashian, on her Instagram account, pleaded with the video website to shut down the challenge but TMZ reports that YouTube are insisting that they are yet to see proof that the “Momo” videos are online.

Kim K reposted lots of messages from worried parents who have heard about the scary clip, even if they might be yet too see it with their own eyes.

TMZ reports that YouTube is maintaining that it has not received any evidence of the videos thus far and it has not been found on their video platform. But the good news is, YouTube said if it was actually n their site then it would be an apparent violation of their rules and would be taken down as soon as possible.

See what Kim shared,
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