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Kourtney Might Finally Be Tired Of Scott. Read Why

Someone is hammering the point home on her relationship status and isn’t worried who would get hurt about it. At least, not anymore.

Kourtney Kardashian’s relationships has been on the news for a while now and the other person up in the air with her is the father of her children, Scott Disick.

It was learnt from our source that Kourtney, however is done treating Scott like a baby and worrying how he’ll react to her every move. It was also stated that she respects him and cares about him but it’s just over romantically.

We are also made to understand that Scott’s jealousy is the reason she wouldn’t post anything on social media about who she’s dating. She’s aware it’s triggered him into drinking and partying binges before.

But she and Younes Bendjima were recently photographed in Bev Hills and she believes Scott’s friends see her out, and reports back to him.

Whether Kourtney is going to live life on her terms, and have Scott move on is a situation we are looking forward to see how it plays out.

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