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Lagos State Does Not Borrow Destructively – Obafemi Hamzat

Obafemi Hamzat

Obafemi Hamzat

The Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat has come out to say that a state is allowed to borrow constructively in order to bridge its infrastructure deficit.

Hamzat revealed that the fact is that borrowing helps to provide needed resources these days as long as it is constructive and not destructive.

According to him, Tinubu did the same thing to develop the state when he was in charge and he has paid everything back in full right now.

He added that without the N375 billion loan Fashola took when he was governor, it would have been impossible to build Lekki Link Bridge.

His words, ”The reality is that where do you get resources to build for today? There is something that is called constructive borrowing and there is destructive.

”If you borrow to go and buy a vehicle, you are putting yourself in trouble, but if you borrow to build a house, the house will appreciate and then you can sell even if you are in trouble.”

”I remember during Asiwaju Tinubu’s government, when they took a bond of N15 billion. The opposition said Oh, he has mortgaged the lives of the young people. That loan has been paid.

”During BRF government, we took N375 billion bond, that bond has been paid. Without that, we cannot build Lekki Link Bridge, we can’t.

”This Adiyan Waterworks, the reticulation would be N78 billion, we are putting pipe. So where is that money?,”

”By the time you pay salaries, it is N1 billion left. What can you do with N1 billion? Nothing! You cannot build a single road in Lagos with that. So the reality is how do we fund?.

”There are statistics that are benchmarks around the world. In Lagos, our debt to revenue is less than 20 per cent. In the United States, it is 89 per cent.

“But we all go there, you see the airports, we see everything, we like it. But their debt is a whole lot around the world.”


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