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Lampard Should Play Giroud More – Didier Deschamps

GiroudHappyFrench coach, Didier Deschamps has joked that Frank Lampard should think about playing Olivier Giroud regularly for Chelsea in exchange for him dropping N’Golo Kante of the French squad weeks back.

Kante was called up by the French national team for their upcoming games vs Iceland and Turkey, after being overlooked as he tried to come back from an ankle injury.

Deschamps disclosed that Frank had reached out to him about not selecting the midfielder, who came back from injury with 90 minutes vs Lille on Wednesday.

He addicted he wants the favour to be repaid. His words, “Lampard asked me not to pick Kante at the last break.”

“If that’s still the way I’m going to call him later to tell him it would be nice if you play Olivier Giroud a little bit!”

On how Giroud not being picked for Chelsea will affect France, “I do not want to take away from what Olivier has done with us,”

“He has put in some very good performances, not to mention that he is the third-best active French scorer. However, I hope his situation develops.

“Beyond his efficiency with us, it is a matter of rhythm too. He has already gone through spells where he has played less, but now it is not sufficient physically – he cannot be at his best.”

On Mbappe, “Kylian is back from his first significant injury, so the worst is now behind him,” said Deschamps. “I am not going to take risks with him, despite our two important matches.

“He has a match with PSG this weekend and then we will see his physical condition. Two 90-minute matches in three days is unlikely.”

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