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Madonna 57 wants to date Justin Bieber 21 | Photos

Madonna and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and pop diva Madonna made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 18 and seemed to get a bit flirty.

During the show, Madonna said
“I’d gladly make Biebs the youngest man I ever ‘been’ with. It would be so blissful”

Well, after the show sources tell HollywoodLife that the offer seriously tempted Justin because he finds the legendary 57yr old attractive too. Justin made sure his people gave Madonna his number before he left with his crew.

A member of his crew anonymously said:
“He considers the potential of having sex with Madonna totally possible and wants to have her on his list, he recalls Bieber admitting that a one night stand with the Material Girl is definitely something he would be down with”.

Another insider also insisted that Justin’s not looking to date Madonna, he just wants to have one wild night with her.

Justin Bieber & Madonna - Ellen Degeneres show

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