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Madonna Finds New Lover 33 Years Younger Than Her!

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The 56-year-old pop superstar is reportedly eying a model, who is 33 years younger than her as she next lover and it looks like he’s ready to go along.

The name of the mystery model is Andrea Denver and his body is exactly what Madonna described on her Instagram when she posted his picture this weekend.

”8 pac!! Hell to the yeah!!!” she wrote alongside a bunch of heart emorjis too!

Call her move desperate but Madonna who is famously known for dating younger man, is showing her fans she totally over this dude.

According to sources close to Andrea, he saw the IG and his reaction was, “I’d definitely go on a date with her.”οΏ½Taking a page out of Drake’s playbook, Andrea also gushed the 56-year-old is “really attractive” — and he’s always been a big fan.

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