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Man says he poisoned all passengers in a plane

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Pandemonium broke out inside a Newark-bound United Airlines flight on Tuesday after a passenger started shouting and repeatedly mentioning the name of the now wanted NSA info leaker, Edward Snowden.

According to one of the passengers in the plane, about 10hours into the 16hours flight the man stood up and started saying all sorts, including a claim that he was carrying poison in him and had poisoned everyone inside the plane with him…

A passenger identified as Jacques Roizen and few others,�including a flight attendant,�successfully restrained the man but with fear that they may suffer more from the poison he claimed to be carrying him.
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The man, whose identity is yet to be revealed by security agencies, was met at Newark Liberty International Airport around by more than a dozen federal law enforcement officials.

His hands were zip-tied behind his back as he was led out of the flight onto the tarmac, where several police vehicles and ambulance were waiting. He was wearing a dark hooded jacket and a blue shirt.

He is believed to be American as he was said to have shouted out his name, date of birth and Social Security number. He claimed he is an employee of a U.S. embassy in the Middle East.

The authorities are still trying to establish if he has any ties with Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former security contractor who leaked classified information to the media regarding two US government surveillance programs.

Edward Snowden, you may which to know, fled to Hong Kong on May 20 and he is believed to still be hiding out there.

As at the time of reporting, OluFamous.Com gathered that the passengers in the plane are being studied if they would show any sign of disease or any strange ailment.

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