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Meet World’s poorest President who drives a Volkswagen Beetle


Whenever the price of premium motor spirit (PMS) popularly called petrol, is to be increased, the people in charge will readily point in the direction of other oil producing countries that pay more for the commodity than we do.
But do they ever show us example of leaders that don’t live flamboyantly and extravagantly on state resources like they do? Our public officials should be burying their heads in shame! President of Uruguay, José Mujica is a living proof of humility in service � a beacon of hope that indeed, leadership is still all about service to the people not self. President José Mujica is getting world wide recognition and respect for donating 90 percent (not slashing ‘25%’) of his earnings to charitable causes.

The President said in a recent interview that the only big item he owns is his Volkswagen Beetle car, valued at $1,945 dollars (about N308,283). He earns a salary of $12,500 a month (N1,981,250), but only keeps $1,250(N198,125) for himself, donating the rest to charity

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