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My Experience With Ritualists/kidnappers At Lekki This Morning – Deife

I’ll be as brief as possible. To tell you that kidnappers & ritualists exist & are on rampage is an understatement. What you need to be aware of is that they adopt different strategies to capture their victims. I’m going to share with you one approach so as not to become a prey.

I was at Law School busstop at about 6.30am today when I saw a cab & told the driver my destination. He told me to board. I noticed that there was a ‘passenger’ beside him & another one at the back. So I sat at the back.
Within 30 seconds of our journey, the young man beside me offered the driver #100 as transport fare. Immediately, the driver started shouting. The dialogue ensued between both of them:

Driver: How dare you offer me a hundred naira as transport fare? Aren’t you the one that put that bag in the trunk? In fact you have a case to answer. Where did you get that huge amount of money from?

Passenger: (sobbing & genuflecting) please don’t expose me. My boss died this morning. He was a Hausa man who ran a Bureau de Change business. He died after a brief illness. As soon as he died, my colleague made away with one of his vehicles. Because I don’t know how to drive, I decided to make away with this money.

Passenger at the Front: How much is in the bag?

Passenger: 1.1 million dollars

Passenger at the Front: Oga driver, you know what? Let’s strike a deal with the man. (Facing the Passenger at the back who at this point is already shaking like a jellyfish) Are you ready to share this money with the rest of us on this car?

Passenger: Yes sir!

All along I was quiet.

Passenger the one who ‘stole’ the money) We need a herbalist or witch doctor to help us make the charms ineffective because the last time I tried to touch the money, I fell down.

Driver: (Cuts in) that’s no problem. We will get a pastor or a herbalist to destroy the charms.

At this point, the passenger asked for my views. To be candid, so many things were on my mind. I felt this could be the ‘major break’ I had been trusting God for. On the other hand, I wasn’t comfortable because if what the passenger said was anything to go by, & I partook in spending the money, I would have murdered Peace & Sleep.

Me: No true pastor will agree to be a part of this.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, the Passenger at the Front quickly offered to phone a herbalist that he claimed to know. Meanwhile the driver had taken the alternative route instead of going through the Toll Plaza. As soon as we got to a point, I told the driver to stop, I told him I wasn’t interested, & immediately got out of the car & took a long walk.

To cut a long story short, when I got to work, I just hinted my colleague about my experience without going into details & guess what she said! She told me their modus operandi which tallied with what I experienced today.

So friends, I urge you to always take time to pray before you go out & be close to God. Put God first in all you do & be security conscious. May you not die untimely in Jesus’ name & may God’s grace be constantly available to you & your loved ones.

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