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My Good Looks Has caused Me A Great Deal – Bryan Okwara

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Bryan Okwara, former Mr. Nigeria has opened up that he is a victim of stereotyping, and his charming looks has caused women not to take him serious when he tell them matters of the heart. this is what he has to say;

My biggest challenge is for God to give me the strength not to be a lady’s man. There is something you need to understand about being a lady’s man. yeah you are a lady’s man and you can’t run away from it. it is something you need to accept, something nature has endowed you with.

But there is a flip side and it is that people tend to stereotype you and you are hardly taken serious. any woman that walks into your life will just say “oh Bryan, we have seen your type before; are you not a fine boy? and you are like ”what do you mean by that?

Besides it is a good thing you walk into a room and every woman is ogling, but there are people that actually see the other side of life and attach importance and value to relationship, and they will not really like that after a while.

I want people to like me for who i am and not judge me by how i look”.

When he was asked if it has affected his relationship with members of the opposite sex, he said;

i would say i have lost friendship that way. some people just see me and say ‘Bryan, come on, i know your type’ and i am like ‘oh sorry you don’t know me.”


So ladies now you know, Bryan Okwara is not just a fine boy but you don’t know him. so give him a chance to show you who he really is and make sure you like him for who he is.

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