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Naijavibe Movies Weekend: 5 Movies to look forward to this september


These month’s movie releases will not disappoint movie fanatics as it features a wide array of films, from romantic comedies to science fiction. Although summer is almost over, the fun is just starting as the big-budget blockbusters and comedies are making their way into the big screen.

September is quite packed with movie releases. These could possibly be the year’s biggest films. So here are the five movies to look forward to this september.


The Chronicles of Riddick

Scheduled to be released on september 6, 2013, “Riddick” is the third movie in the series of the sci-fi/action franchise starting with “Pitch Black” in 2000 and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ in 2004. This is the series that glowy-eyed Vin Diesel into an unlikely leading man. “Riddick” who was betrayed and left dead on a strange planet, is also one of the actor’s iconic role. The new movie stars “Battleship Gallactica’s” Kattee Ssackhoff and “Dredd’s” Karl Urban. Now nearly a decade later, “Riddick” returns with a vengeance with a rate R sci-fi revenge flick that “Pitch Black” fans always deserved.


Insidious Chapter 2 Trailer Quad 1 6 4 13

Insidious fans don’t need to wait any further for this film is set to hit the big screen on september 13, 2013. After the release of “The Conjuring”, the horror genre is on a roll this year. “Insidous: Chapter 2” will spice up your month and send chills to your spine. The film is a follow-up to the first “Insidious” which features a more direct approach. It is more terrifying as before as it brings back key members of the cast including the director, James Wan. Wan was the man behinf the movie “The Conjuring”.


Prisoners poster wide trailer 2013

With a high-powered cast and amazing storyline, the film “Prisoners” is another strong Oscar contender thanks to the high-caliber acting of Hugh Jackman and outstanding directorship of Dennis Villanueve. The movie is about a father (played by Jackman) who wants to rescue his kidnapped daughter and her best friend even if it means that he needs to go beyond the law. Jake Gyllenhall joins the stellar cast as a cop who is trying to help find the missing two girls.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Wallpaper 01

The film’s genius character, Flint Lockwood, returns to the big screen for the second time around in “Cloudy With a chance of Meatballs 2”. With the help of the first sequel director, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, this movie will raise the bar high and is expected to duplicate the success of the first one with sharp writing and delightfully inventive designs. The movie will be released on september 27, 2013.


don jon poster

This romantic comedy will make you fall in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt as he plays writer/director/actor for his latest film “Don Jon”. Set to hit the theaters on September 27, 2013, this movie explores the life of a man and his obsession with porn. With Scarlett Johanssen as his leading lady, the film is already making waves from its Sundance premier last January.

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