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NDLEA Must Work Harder To End Drug Abuse In Nigeria – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has come out to say that the country’s drug war is deadlier than the fight against insurgency and banditry.

He recently revealed this today while launching the War Against Drug Abuse initiative by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in commemoration of the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking themed, ‘Share Facts on Drugs. Save Lives’.

According to him, the NDLEA must work on exerting more effort to flush out criminal elements staying in the vast forests of the South-South and Southwest, from where they plan and execute their criminal attacks and also grow marijuana.

He added that NDLEA should also develop a robust risk communication and community engagement strategy that will end drug abuse in Nigeria.

His words, “I am directing the NDLEA to develop a robust risk communication and community engagement strategy that will not only disseminate the four pillars of the plan to responsible entities but also deal with destroying production sites and laboratories, break the supply chain, discourage drug use and prosecute offenders as well as traffickers, rehabilitate addicts and enforcement of relevant laws.”

“I want to particularly draw the attention of the agency to the fact that the use of many of our forests as criminal hideouts is because large swathes of cannabis plantations are hidden deep within those forests, especially in the Southwest and the South-South.”

“You may, therefore, need to drive these criminal elements from such hideouts because they use it for the growth of these plants and also as a repository for criminal elements to conclude and plan their adventures on our people.”

“On this United Nations anti-drug day, I call on all families, schools, civil society organisations, professional associations, religious organisations, the academia, community leaders and individuals to work for the common good to rid their communities of drug use and trafficking.”

“As your President, I will continue to address underlying causes of drug abuse, including poverty reduction, for which my pledge for lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years and strengthened by the recently developed National Poverty Reduction with Growth Strategy signposts my unwavering commitment.”

“Finally, I would like to appreciate our stakeholders and international collaborators, especially the European Union, and the United Nations Office for Drugs and Control, for their unwavering support to our drug control efforts, including the development of our roadmap.”

“Also appreciated are the members of the inter-ministerial committee on drug control, civil society organisations, the academia, for their contributions and efforts to our National Drug Control initiatives.”

“The war against drugs is a war that must be fought by all, it is, therefore, my pleasure, to declare on behalf of the good people of Nigeria, a War Against Drug Abuse, not just as a slogan, but a call for civil action for all Nigerians to take an active part in this war.”

“Let me say that this war is more deadly than the insurgency we have in the Northeastern part of the country or the acts of banditry in the Northwest or the acts of kidnapping that transcends all the geopolitical zones of this country, because it is a war that is destroying three generations because I’ve seen clips of where grandparents are on drugs, parents are on drugs, and by extension, their wards, their children are on drugs.”

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