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Nelly’s Rape Accuser Is Reportedly Refusing To Testify


Last week, reports surfaced that Nelly allegedly raped a college woman on his tour bus. It was reported that he later was arrested and charged with second degree rape although the rapper later took to Twitter to deny it. His attorney later made a statement saying that he’s �the victim of a completely fabricated allegation”. He continued to say that the accusation is completely �devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.” Now, it’s looking like his accuser made the case much more difficult to move forward with.

Nelly’s rape accuser is reportedly refusing to testify in court, TMZ reports. In documents they’ve obtained, her lawyer, Karen Koehler, says that she told the both the Auburn P.D and the King County D.A to �put a halt to the criminal investigation of [Nelly]. She will not testify further in a criminal proceeding against him.” Her lawyer says that she believes the system has already failed her because she’s not able to stand up to someone of Nelly’s public stature. In the document it says, �She wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her.” The report also says she was also shocked that police had already disclosed the fact that she’d already met with them as well as the prosecutors after they said nobody would be aware of the meeting until the investigation was done. In the reported document, it says the detective failed to follow through with his word to the accuser. As Nelly’s accuser denies testifying against the rapper, it makes it difficult for the prosecutors to follow through with the case.

The allegations against Nelly has sparked responses from a few people in hip hop. T.I. hit Instagram to issue a warning about women who falsely accuse men of rape. Akon also made a public statement in support of Nelly, saying that the allegations against him are false and that he’s �almost 100% positive” that he’s innocent. Nelly’s girlfriend shared a photo on Instagram of the two shortly after the allegations began to surface. While the photo didn’t have any caption on it, it was still an indication that she’s been sticking by his side through the allegations.


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