NEMA Is Ready To Tackle Floods In 2020 – Mustapha Maihaja

The National Emergency Management Agency
The National Emergency Management Agency
The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has assured citizens of its preparedness to effectively combat the 2020 flood predicted for Nigeria.

Mr. Mustapha Maihaja, its Director-General, revealed this in Abuja today.

According to him, it is key for stakeholders to get involved in disaster management and discuss the way forward when it comes to how the predictions will be handled.

He added that a plan has to be devised for them to be fully prepared for all eventualities.

His words, “Preparations and planning are key to any successful activity or project. Knowing our role in disaster management, we started our planning since October through November, last year.

“So, we have come out with a work plan that guides us on a step-by-step approach to possibilities.

“And with the seasonal rainfall prediction released, we will now engage all stakeholders for technical meetings.

“The report will be analysed vis a vis the possibilities as far as disaster management is concerned and at the end, we will come out with a disaster management implications and socioeconomic consequences should the flood occur,”

“We intend to bring a new approach to sensitising people as we have made plans to go directly to these flood-prone communities with video clips to show them the dangers of staying in these areas in case flood occurs.

“That will prepare them so that when there is need for evacuation, they will listen to us,”

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