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Nigeria Must Find A Solution To Kidnapping ASAP – Bukola Saraki

saraki bukolaEx-President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki has come out to urge Nigeria to find a solution to kidnapping as soon as possible.

He recently revealed this during a webinar on the maiden edition of the Grow Nigeria Conversation (GNC), monitored in Abuja.

According to him, a solution can definitely be reached via collaboration with countries that had successfully tackled the menace, so FG should look into it asap.

He then urged the country to learn from the successful countries and the measures adopted in addressing the problem.

His words, “It bears stating that kidnapping is not an uncommon global phenomenon. Other countries, in the course of their respective histories, experienced similar problems.”

“Nigeria can and should definitely learn from such nations as have successfully combated this form of insecurity.”

“There is no need to reinvent the wheel in this regard. This is why my first contribution to today’s discussion is to ask the question: Why can’t Nigeria reach out to these countries, which had experienced the same problem and have successfully managed it, so that we can learn for what they did?”

“I remember in the 70s and 80s, Pakistan, for example, used to experiences a large number of cases of kidnapping, we can learn from the experience and how they dealt with this problem.”

“It would be interesting if some of our experts, particularly our youth, who are participating in this discussion, especially the IT gurus, to tell us why in today’s world, the problem is not tackled.”

“It baffles people like myself, that in today’s world with the use of satellite and telecommunication, how is it possible that people can get kidnapped and we are not able to locate where they are for days and weeks?”

“Also, how is it possible that a huge amount of money can be paid as ransom in cash and cannot be traced?”

“Are we saying that they’re not monetary policies that can be put in place that would deter people from having to be in such possession of such huge amount of cash.”


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