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Nigeria Needs To Be Reorganized – Fayemi

Kayode Fayemi

Kayode Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi has come out to ask for the reorganisation of Nigeria to correct the challenges facing the country.

He recently revealed this at the annual lecture series of Leadership Newspapers Group with the theme: “Resetting Nigeria: Culture, Politics, Geography and the Role of Big Ideas.”

According to him, Nigeria does not need a make-shift and short-term approach which would only resolve some immediate problems for a season, we actually need to reform the entire political system.

He added that greater attention should be beamed on issues like strengthening the Local Government system, devolution of more powers over internal security, decentralisation of the polity, and the adoption of fiscal federalism which would be fair to all.

His words, “I would like to suggest that there are many domains of a national reset which we need to pay attention to than we have done before. These include deepening of the decentralisation of the polity, the strengthening of the local government system, the devolution of more powers over internal safety and security of the states and the adoption of a fairer system of fiscal federalism, the pan-Nigerianisation of citizenship rights on the basis of place of residence, the pursuit of new approaches to diversity management, the autonomisation of the legislative and judicial arms of government, a wholesome reform of the judicial system, the revamp of the civil service for radically more efficient delivery to citizens, and an institutionalised zero-tolerance approach to the fight against corruption.”


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