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Nigerians Cannot Afford To Doubt Coronavirus Vaccine – Prof Happi

Coronavirus Nigeria

Coronavirus Nigeria

Professor of Molecular Biology and Genomics in the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Director African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID), Redeemer’s University, Professor Christian Tientcha Happi has come out to say that Nigerians must be encouraged to take the coronavirus vaccine.

He recently revealed this during an interview with the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, it has been demonstrated all over the world that people that take the vaccine do protect themselves against the virus infection, so Nigerians have to take the vaccine to feel safe as well.

He added that Covid-19 is real, and people should take the necessary precautions instead of having unnecessary reservations.

His words, “Firstly, the COVID-19 vaccine is efficacious. And it has been demonstrated all over the world that people that take the vaccine, protect themselves against the virus infection. The AstraZeneca vaccine that is in Nigeria, we should encourage people to take it.”

“I also understand the fears of the people because this vaccine is foreign so people are afraid. If anything to go by and the Africa government are listening, is basically that people in Africa are telling them that they don’t have confidence in the vaccine that is coming from outside Africa. And the message is that fund vaccine that will emanate from Africa. I can tell you that Africans will be more comfortable if they hear that the vaccine emanated from Africa. I hope our government will listen to the masses.”

“The people are telling our leaders that they are tired of using imported things. Imported vaccines among other things am not against the fact that they are good but the message is that we will trust vaccine made in Africa by our researchers more than what is coming from outside.”

“That is why you are seeing vaccine resistance and apathy. People want to see what is made by their people so that they will be very comfortable using it.”

“Covid-19 is real, people should take necessary precautions if we did not respect the safety rules it will be difficult to get rid of this disease even if the vaccine is given out. Even with the availability of the vaccine, people should continue to protect themselves.”

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