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Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution Was Very Fraudulent – Afenifere



Afenifere chieftain, Adebayo has come out to say that the 1999 constitution was very fraudulent.

He recently revealed that he feels that way because the constitution never articulated the collective will of the people, as it was imposed on the nation by the military.

According to him, Nigeria has to return to the 1960 Independence Constitution when the regions had autonomy because that is the way to go.

He added that 1960 and 1963 constitutions definitely gave Nigeria more freedom and autonomy, and that is what Nigerians are currently agitating for.

His words, “My view is that 1960 and 1963 constitutions gave us more freedom and autonomy which we are all agitating for.”

“Why we are emphasizing restructuring now? Because the 1999 constitution is fraudulent. It does not represent the choice of the people.”

“Interestingly, when we talk of restructuring, some of our friends from the North will say ‘they want yo break the country’. But, anyone opposed to true federalism which is restructuring is the one who wants to break the country.”

“The question of insecurity the country is facing now is because the governors do not have control over the security agencies in their states. That is what we need to address now.

“Where should the presidency go in 2023? That is not the question now. The key question is to first keep the country together. Then, let us make the question of presidency constitutional not gentleman’s agreement.”

“Anybody talking about the election without changing this constitution does not love this country. It is the 1999 constitution that has made Northern Nigerians believe, if they don’t support anybody, he or she cannot be president.

“All the agitation about Biafran separation is because they (Igbos) feel excluded under the constitution. I only hope the progressive elements in the North will persuade President Buhari to restructure the country now before everything burns to blazes.

“The Constitution, we have now is a fraudulent constitution. It is not our constitution. Most importantly, it has failed, and everybody testified to this fact. It is simply not working.”

“To save us from this situation, we must impress upon President Buhari to change the constitution to one that everybody agrees to.”

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