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Nigeria’s Free Entry Visa Policy Should Be Reconsidered – Lanre Ogunsuyi

Lanre Ogunsuyi

Lanre Ogunsuyi

Ex-Commissioner for Information and Communication in Ekiti, Mr. Lanre Ogunsuyi has begged the Federal Government to strengthen its database before it can be able to properly implement its “Free Entry Visa” policy to Africans.

Lanre revealed this in an interview with the Newsmen on Monday in Ado-Ekiti, on the recent visa ban on Nigeria and other countries by the U.S.

According to him, even if Nigeria means well for Africa as a whole with the policy of free entry visa, FG must also think about the security implications.

He added while we want to always be our brother’s keeper, it is clear to see that its negatives outweigh the positives.

His words, “Nigeria appears perfect on the consideration of good neighbourliness and being our brother’s keeper as a big brother in Africa.

“However, if we are to consider the security implications for Nigeria; it is easy to see that the negatives outweigh the positives.

“Nigeria, a country having challenges in biometrics data will fall prey to all manners of characters, fugitives, and terrorists.

“These sets of people with questionable characters can assume stolen identities and perpetrate all manners of malfeasance, claiming to be Nigerians to further damage our National image.”

“The internal security is also seriously compromised, an example is the recent pogrom in Plateau.

“The killing spree of Nigerians by bandits from neighbouring countries cannot be excused on any pretext.

“The security of citizen’s life and property is the primary and most compelling duty of the Federal Government and should not be sacrificed for any reason.”

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