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Nkonkonsa Is Having Oral S*x With A Twi News Presenter – Kobi Rana

Ghanian filmmaker, Kobi Rana has come out to make allegations against Ghanaian celebrity blogger, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah popularly known as Nkonkonsa.

The saga recently started when Kobi Rana shared his view on the viral video of Ghanaian lawmakers praying fervently against gays and the LGBTQ movement gaining more prominence in Ghana.

Kobi wrote, “Here are Ghana leaders praying today. They are praying against LGBT and planning to criminalize it. I am sure that will stop police and military from killing citizens, get jobs for unemployed youth and solve the unbearable cost of living.”

“Not forgetting their own corruption. Thieves praying against sex. How will somebody’s vagina, penis and asshole fix your country? YOU WILL DO ANYTHING TO SHIFT ATTENTION FROM THE PROBLEMS AND FAILURES YOU MUST FIX. The world must be rolling on the floor with laughter. Best comedy news for @cnn @bbc @mtv @enews.”

Seeing the post, Nkonkonsa reacted by blogging about it with a very controversial headline.

Reacting to the headline, Kobi Rana decided to allege that Nkonkonsa has been spooning and having oral s*x with a newsreader with Twi news.

His words,

Kobi Rana

Kobi Rana



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