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Noble Igwe explains why he invested in MMM

img 20161213 101754Noble Igwe tweeted that he invested his office rent in MMM 

He has in a story shared on his blog explained why he invested in MMM and it’s hilarious. Read below.

Guys, I know a lot of people may have read my tweets this morning about MMM and some of you are already judging me, calling me all sorts of names but I’d like you to read the entire story before judging me.

Few months ago, I needed to change my clipper because I once shared it with my ex and after my wedding, I wanted to change everything with a reflection to my past but I didn’t know the particular brand to buy.

I called Yusuf of Kay’s place barbers in Lekki Phase 1 and he advised me to buy the all new PP Clipper. I wasn’t sure at first because I hadn’t used any Philips clipper in the past but the first day he cut my hair with it, I got a lot of compliments and for that, I bought the same clipper for my dad.

Fast forward to some weeks later, I was cutting my hair when Yusuf started talking about the gains of investing with MMM;

�Ah Oga! Mo ti gba owo to po lori kini yi oh, mo tie ti lo se fence si ile ti mo ni ni Oshogbo” (Ah Oga! I have cashed out big time from this, I have even fenced my land in Oshogbo).

It sounded too good and I wasn’t going to let anyone come from America, change dollars to Naira then buy all the bottles of champagne in the club with $1000 but then, I didn’t have �spare” cash apart from the money set aside for my Office rent to which he assured me that I can invest it, make profit and use my profit to buy a Range Rover.

The Sound of �Range Rover” caught the interest of my subconscious mind and for the rest of the day, I kept thinking of all the things I could do with the profit.

I was thinking of buying bottles of Brut champagne to use as Water for Rose at the club, a table at SIP from 24th December, 2016 to 2nd of January, 2017, driving my range from Lagos to Umuomaku with a mobile police man in the front seat to tension people in my age grade, a pair of Gucci Prince town to wear with my Isi Agu to our annual progressive meeting.

It was looking like the perfect Christmas but I wasn’t going to invest in MMM without first of all taking the money to our vicar in church to pray over it.

My church does not support such but I was also thinking of donating a part of the money towards the new church building but I was going to tell the vicar that I wanted to use the money to pay for goods coming from China.

The D Day.

It started like every normal day and in the evening when I got home, I made up my mind that I was going to invest straight away.

I transferred the money without telling my wife and I was even extra rude to the Landlord at the office because I knew I was going to shut him up with money when my MMM pays. I called SIP to reserve a table all for specific days.

Then I drove to Akin Adeshola to choose the particular Range Rover I wanted them to reserve for me.

I went home and started doing the countdown to the day my MMM will pay until it happened.

It was a lil’ tap

Emmanuel: ‘Oga, Oga’

Me: ‘What?’

Emmanuel: ‘Wake up and eat.’

The end.

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