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Nollywood is Not Where It Ought To Be – Emem Isong Misodi

Emem Isong Misodi

Emem Isong Misodi

Nollywood producer, Emem Isong Misodi has come out to talk about why several Nollywood actors are not financially buoyant.

Emem believes this is a sad reality because there is a lack of governmental support in our movie industry.

According to her, there is a high difference in the pay of our actors and that of other countries because international movie industries are much older and sophisticated.

She added that the economic situation of Nigeria cannot be separated from the industry since the lack of adequate infrastructures, quality support from the government and foundations that aid filmmaking will continue hampering the efforts of the professionals.

She also said Nollywood is not where it ought to be because of these hindrances.

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Emem Isong is a Nigerian screenwriter, film producer, and director. She has become known primarily for films in the English language, and is a dominant figure in that industry. Her second directed feature, Code of Silence, which deals with rape in Nigeria, was released in 2015.

Emem, who is the first child in her family of 4 children, was born on 5 September and is from Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from the University of Calabar. Isong obtained a diploma in computer science from the Computer Science Institute (NCR).

Emem has also been listed as a maverick in the New Nollywood movement which is categorized by filmmakers who are not just interested in producing movies, but in producing movies that can be considered substantial and artful products. These movies are usually categorized by an extra effort made by the filmmakers to ensure not only the methods, but also the tools of production employed by the film makers are of substantial quality.

Emem Isong is known to be very private and prefers to stay mostly out of the public eye, she rarely grants interviews. This, according to her, is because she wishes her work to be consumed on its merits alone without her personal life influencing her viewers. However, Isong is married to Misodi Akama with whom she had twins with in 2016. She also has a son from a previous relationship.

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