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Obaseki Is Not A Selfish Leader – Philip Shaibu

Godwin Obaseki

Godwin Obaseki

Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu has come out to say that the Godwin Obaseki government was very misunderstood.

Philip Shaibu recently came out to say that it is a pity that Obaseki actually concentrated on moving the state to its preferred destination.

According to him, some people saw Obaseki as a stingy or selfish man, but that was not the case, as he simply protected the state resources against wastage.

He added that Obaseki was not wicked for having the interest of the state at heart because the resources belong to the state and not to godfathers.

His words, “For a man to compress various ideas and ideologies that have been in place before him and reduce them into specific, it shows that the mental industry of the governor is fully at work.

“During the previous administration, people would just approach the Governor with proposals of whatever and there and then contract is awarded without due process and the person is given 30% mobilization.”

“That was the circumstances the Obaseki’s administration met on the ground and refused to build upon.

“We have never denied anyone of executing jobs but we have refused to allow them to collect the money without doing the work for which the money was paid. That’s the sin that this administration has committed.”

“For a man who saw all this error in the administration where he served as Chairman of the economic team, it will be fool-handy for him to make the same mistakes and that is why Obaseki is misunderstood to be a stingy or selfish man.

“But does protecting the State resources against wastage amount to wickedness? The resources belong to the State and not to godfathers. Fighting for the State is fighting for development.

“Obaseki has learned so many things and exposed to governance so he is not a novice in the management of State resources.”

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