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Only Restructuring Will Save Nigeria From Explosion – Mumakai Unagha

Alhaji Mumakai Unagha

Alhaji Mumakai Unagha

Ex presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and lawyer, Alhaji Mumakai Unagha has come out to say that North/South dichotomy is the reason why the development of Nigeria has been impossible.

He recently revealed that there is a need for quick restructuring of the country to save it from implosion.

According to him, Nigeria’s unity is simply lip-service and window-dressing and there is always too much suspicious among the diverse ethnic groupings for his liking.

He added that Nigerians must keep searching their minds to know if Nigeria is really moving forward because we are all currently governed under winner-takes-all syndrome.

His words, “To me, it is not news. I have said it time without number that Nigeria’s unity is lip-service and window-dressing.

We pretend to be one Nigerians but deep clown in us, the division that resulted the massacres in Kano in 1953 prior to independence is very much with us. There’s too much suspicious among the diverse ethnic groupings in the country for which remedy can be sought.

The average northern never regards the Igbo man as friend even though they dined and wined together on the same table. Similarly, the Yoruba man never likes the Niger-Delta man as brother. We only pretend to like each other at the time of necessity. For how long should we continue to deceive ourselves?

Both the amalgamation and the Independence of the two protectorates are unholy, which need re-visitation. The day a northerner will wake up, genuinely embrace an easterner or an easterner accepting the Yoruba man as his true brother, that day will end Nigeria’s problem. However, I don’t see it coming. I am an apostle of one Nigeria but not to the detriment of others. I still believe very strongly in Nigeria’s unity and the need for the various components to co-exist as we need one another.”

On the recent protests, “The issue of success or not, to me, is not necessary. We should search our minds if the country is moving forward. To me, we are being governed under winner takes-all syndrome unless we are not truthful to ourselves. During the #EndSARS protest, most states in the North did not participate.

This is traceable to the North/South dichotomy yet the North is the most disadvantaged, worst affected by hunger and security challenges.

The protest is a wake up call on the Federal Government to rise above board and face the challenges. Until that is done, it is not over yet. Nigerians are tired of daily excuses.

The #EndSARS protest is just a starting point, it goes beyond removing and replacing SARS.”

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