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People think I’m Genevieve Nnaji’s sister- Actress Nkechi Nnaji


She told the Sun..
I’m actually looking forward to meeting her. Whenever people hear Nkechi Nnaji, the first question they ask me is ‘are you a sister to Genevieve Nnaji?’ If you google my name, you will see Nkechi Nnaji and Genevieve Nnaji coming up so people are like ‘I just googled you and I saw Gen�evieve Nnaji, are you guys related?’ And I am like ‘no, I’ve not even met her in per�son.’ I will be the happiest person on earth if I could work with her; I love her for real. I look up to her because she is a woman of substance. She knows what she wants and she goes for it; she is very hard working.”


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