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Photo: Can you do this for your girlfriend?

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A possessive girlfriend made her boyfriend of six years wear a T-shirt covered in pictures of the two of them together.20 year old Abbie Bartlett,had the shirt custom-made for her boyfriend Leon Connolly, 24.On it was boldly printed…


�’I love my girlfriend Abbie, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me.

She produced the shirt as a surprise as he was packing his bags to leave.Pictures of Mr Connolly wearing the T-shirt were then posted online and received large amounts of attention – leading Miss Bartlett to worry it could have the opposite effect and attract girls who ‘like a challenge’.

She said

‘When I took it in to the printing shop and explained what I wanted I swear they must have thought I was a psycho.

He told North News,

At first I thought is she serious? She wanted me to wear it to all the big clubs like Pacha etc.

‘But now I get that it’s a joke I’m happy enough to go along with it, that’s just how our relationship is it’s just silly.People have been saying that wearing the t-shirt might attract girls, some girls will definitely take it as some sort off challenge.I just have to laugh about it, Abbie is the only girl for me an we both know that!’


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