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Politicians Will Do Anything To Get Elected In Nigeria – Abdusalami Abubakar

Abdusalam Abubakar

Abdusalam Abubakar

Ex-Head of State, General Abdusalami Abubakar has come out to blast Nigeria’s current kind of politics.

He recently had his say via during an interview with Trust Television, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, people will do anything to get elected in this country and even the electorates are ready to sell their liberty to sweet-talking


Abdusalami added that he expects more maturity and understanding from the politicians than just seeking power, but he most likely won’t get it.

His words, “Yes, there are some challenges in leadership but you know politics is a dirty game. And I think we are playing dirty politics in this country. My prayer is that our politicians and the electorate are aware that their actions or inaction could mar this country. We have a lot of problems; people do anything in order to be elected and unfortunately the electorate sell their liberty. They become enticed by mere talks and worldly gifts and so on.”

“I hope we will now wake up and do the right thing, which we know is right, to elect people we trust that can really look after us and deliver governance as it should be.”

“Of course, I have some misgivings in some things but by and large when you are in leadership they say the onlookers see the best of the game. We are outside; maybe the leaders see things different way ”

“But quite honestly, regardless, we could have done better than what we are doing. It is our collective leadership and I think all leaders should try to see what roles they can play in providing this leadership and governance.”

“Also, we the citizens, as much as possible should try to engage the people we elected to deliver. We should not become praise singers and become subservient to people because they are in authority. We should be bold enough to tell our leaders, look, here you have done the right thing and here we think you should improve. But unfortunately, all of us just sit down and start complaining through the social media and reckless statements. I pray our leaders also listen and see things the way they are in order to help them in governing us.”

“Very soon, I will be 80 years old. What will I be looking for except to wait for my time to go and meet my creator.”


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