Prayers Alone Will Not Save Christians From Boko Haram – Riverine Group

Boko Haram
Boko Haram
The Riverine Security (Coast -Guard of the Federation) has urged Churches and Christians to not just pray against insurgents because they need to also come up with physical measures to protect themselves from any harm.

Group commander, Bibi Oduku, who disclosed this today in Abuja, said that the government seems unprepared to secure lives and property of Nigerians, so believers must be ready to safeguard themselves.

According to him, since the government has failed with its primary role of securing lives and properties, Christians have to rise up and make it a personal battle.

He added that prayers alone will not make believers overcome the targetted attacks.

His words, ”Going by recent happenings in the country, especially the detolerating security situation, we call on Christians to rise up and defend themselves in the light of the unwillingness of the government to play its primary role of securing lives and properties.”

“Christians should take the present targeted attacks beyond prayers as no one region or ethnic group or religion has a monopoly of violence, urging believers to devise means to physically defend themselves.”

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