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Rapper 2shotz finally gets justice over police maltreatment

Rapper 2shotz finally gets justice over police maltreatment

On Saturday 10th January, rapper 2shotz called out the Nigerian Police at Langbasa station Ajah for locking him up overnight for no just cause..

That worked as they invited him over to make amends..

Read his write up below

“After the incident at langbasa police division AJAH, I was invited by police officer @aleeygiwa to the lagos state PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE of the nigerian police command at ODUDUWA Street, off ODUDUWA crescent ikeja GRA yesterday. I met with d most SANE.. Well spoken, and understanding policemen and women. I was so shocked at how NEAT and organised a NIGERIAN police office could be.

There i met the 1st in command KEN OKORO, the 2 IC ALIU GIWA, ASP matilda, and BALOGUN.. the former ADC to d police commissioner. These police officer were furious about the NEGATIVE images their fellow policemen are painting to the police. And i was clearly shown (with all honesty) ALL and HOW they’ve been trying and working to clean this image.

NOW it is CLEAR that there are bad eggs amongst them… And the DPO of LANGBASA police division Ajah was summoned and unfortunately he wasn’t even aware of the incident on Saturday. And the policemen who caused all this have been summoned for identification and are going to face whatever punishment comes to them (which cannot be disclosed here).

Im happy at how i was treated at ikeja PRO division. And let me use this medium to pass their message to nigerians. KNOW YOUR RIGHT. Both HUMAN and TRAFFIC laws. DO NOT let an unlawful policeman ride you. And avoid breaking the law too. IF any nigerian should be or is harassed. Kindly take the complaints to THE OFFICE OF THE NIGERIAN POLICE COMMAND, PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION at ODUDUWA Street in ikeja GRA. They are SANE and well organised and are ready to do whatever it takes to clear the image of the nigerian police.. BLESSINGS TO US ALL. THANX”

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