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Rita Dominic responds to Charles Novia’s list

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Nollywood producer yesterday released a list of his best five Nollywood actresses. He ranked Rita Dominic no 5 and she has responded to him via twitter what she thinks of his list.

See her tweet and his response to her below:

Rita Dominic's post

Charles Novia's reply

Read his opinion below:

Rita had a good year. Winning ‘Best Actress’ a couple of times (among many nominations) for the movie ‘The Meeting’. I also watched her in another recently released movie, ‘Finding Mercy’ but felt that she gave a listless and luke warm performance in that flick. In ‘The Meeting’, Rita was smoking. I would say that for the first time since I have been seeing her in movies, she found the right script which explored her acting depths. Rita is a Theatre Arts Graduate from Uniport and that is usually an advantage for actors with such credentials from Drama School. What is expected from such actors has to come to the fore someday in Nollywood, when the right script meets the right Director and the fundamentals of a good production are met. ‘The Meeting’ is that kind of production. Rita subsumed her character and aided the cackle points of the comedy. With make-up which aimed to transform and accentuate her character, she found it easy to give us all a good performance. However, I found some grey areas of her acting bordering between slapstick and sublimal comedy especially the part where she called out ‘Code Red’, which was a typical Nollywood play-to-the-gallery moment. But her acting on those few bits can be forgiven because she had a screen presence of mind. Rita Dominic has more to prove in Nollywood, either as an actress or as a Producer. If it is the former, then she has to be careful about her choice of scripts from now on because there might be false slips ahead. A good actress anyday, she is

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