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Sango Appears In New Animation, Dawn Of Thunder

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Komotion Studios with a $400 dollar budget and two weeks of work has helped move Yoruba culture forward for the digital age.

Following the successes of American Gods on television and the countless super hero films from the likes of Marvel and DC, a serious case could be made for African folklore getting similar treatment.

While subjects like religion � no thanks to the ‘destructive’ work of Ajayi Crowther in helping vilify the native beliefs of Yoruba people while introducing them to the native beliefs of the Jewish people at the same time, are considered ground zero for the modern conscious Nigerian that identifies as Christian or Muslim, Nigerian deities such as Sango, Oya and Amadioha should be given pride of place in the culture.

With hopes that the project could eventually turn into a web series or a feature length movie, Dawn Of Thunder explores Sango’s childhood � where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, visions about his path and how these experiences eventually shaped his future.

Komotion Studios had this to say about the project

�[It] will look at his life from birth to his mysterious disappearance. We will explore the functionality of the civilisation that existed during his time, bringing out different key lessons.
Our goal is to educate and align with the sustainable development goals while also entertaining our audience.”

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