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Solomon Akiyesi blasts blogger over news of his new relationship


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Solomon and second wife Lilian

  Solomon and Uluoma...wedding disrupted by Lilian

Solomon and Uluoma…wedding disrupted by Lilian

So, some three weeks ago, word went out that Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi who got the shock of his life when he tried to wed another woman while still married to another, may have found a new love.

Stella reported that insiders said Solomon had found love again in the arms of a VERY financially stable woman who lives in Abuja.
And that he had been�spotted several times, frequently taking flights to Abuja to see his new boo.

There was no word about when the relationship started but insiders insisted�Solomon was glowing by the day.

Well, Solomon got to hear the gist and sent Stella a reply yesterday.
And in the mail, he wrote:

”Anyone who believes�I will rush into another marriage after the April sham is as dumb as those peddling the evil rumour. Whenever I’m ready to venture into marriage again….and�I sure will….�I will be the one to announce it myself and wont have to depend on the bitter leaf-coated tongue of some mundane blogger and her equally uncouth co travelers”

Meanwhile, Solomon who celebrated his birthday on the 26th of July, is amazed that with all the physical, psychological and emotional trauma�he’s been through since the beginning of the year,�he still got to celebrate�another birthday.
Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page:



Read Stella’s reply to him below:
”Hello Mr Akiyesi. Thanks for the nice response. Hope life is okay? please don’t rush into another. The drama must have traumatized you. Wait a little you hear. Any bitterleaf?”

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