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Sowore Is An Oppressor – Oluwatosin Adeniji

Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore

Popular activist, Oluwatosin Adeniji has come out to say that Omoyele Sowore pocketed an #EndSARS grant last year.

She recently revealed this on social media, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, the #EndSARS grant was applied for by Sowore on her behalf without her knowledge, and he did that to take advantage of her predicament.

Tosin added that she currently feels oppressed and sad that after giving her commitment to serve in Sowore’s movement for years, he decided to oppress her.

Her words, “@YeleSowore, it’s sad that you of all people could take advantage of my predicament. I went to prison last year November over #EndSARS but you decided to apply for a grant in my name without informing me, before, during, and after the application was made.”

“Fast forward to January, I found out that a grant was applied for in my name but since you @YeleSowore was in detention I had to ask your lawyer @TopeAkinyod because I found out that he was the lawyer involved in the process.”

“First, you admitted that a grant was applied for in my name through the late Innocent Chukwuma but you are not sure he submitted the application till his death. You also raised concerns that it is possible that the late Innocent submitted the application and someone went behind your back to get the funds. This sounds absolutely unbelievable, especially coming from a man of your kind who would cross seven seas to unravel a mystery.”

“I really feel oppressed and sad that after giving my commitment to serve in your movement for years to fight a system of oppression, the same you is this person dishing out all this oppression and lies just to get away with it.”

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