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Stop Lamenting Over Your Failed Marriage – I Go Dye Blasts Princess

I Go Dye vs Princess

Although it is no longer news that the marriage of comedienne, Princess, crashed over a year ago, but the plus-size rib cracker has not stopped dwelling on her failed marriage, which only few weeks after it was consumated.

Since her marriage crashed, Princess has been riding on sentiment to get sympathy and put the blame on her former husband.
At a just-concluded event in Lagos, Princess’ almost 20 minutes jokes at the occasion on stage was centred on the crashed union, which according to her, lasted only two weeks.

She talked about how she has been running from one religion to the other to know and rectify the real cause of her marital crisis.

While talking about it, her audience were bored and murmured in hush tones over her ‘irrelevant issues’ she kept recycling.

And to echo the displeasure of some of the guests seated at event, when ‘I Go Dye’, a top comedian in Nigeria mounted the stage, he rebuked Princess for still crying over a spoilt milk.

The Delta State-born comedian also warned Princess to desist from making her private issues a subject of caricature, but learn how to manage her personal life properly.

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