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Stop Teaching People How To Express Their Happiness – Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson

Popular businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has come out to reveal her thoughts about some Nigerians.

She recently had her say via her social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, it is a shame that some Nigerians don’t like seeing others genuinely happy and expressing it on social media.

Sandra added that she never goes to people’s pages to tell them how to share their happiness, and it’ll be great if others did the same.

His words, “In a country like Nigeria, some people just don’t like to see people genuinely happy and expressing it especially on social media.”

“Everything they will tell you to hide, hide your happiness, hide your pregnancy, hide you are making money, even hide your husband/wife including your children. Don’t share your happiness if not it will end but I see a lot of y’all go on foreign peoples page like Ciara and Russ Wilson sharing their happiness and I see comments like “awww that’s so sweet” “Ciara share your prayer point” “God, am your adopted daughter” meanwhile they have been married for 5 years why hasn’t it broken since they are posting it on social media. Most of this comments comes from women. I wonder why.”

“You will never see me go anyone’s page to say “take your marriage off social media” “madam, enjoy your marriage in silence” “madam, rest you are doing too much” well this is my page and I post what I feel it’s okay to post if you don’t like it kindly block or unfollow nobody put a gun to your head to see my page. I don’t have Nigerian mentality of the way some of y’all think so it’s hard to blend into your mindset. Lastly, Nigerians, learn to be happy for people and stop this peppering mentality. Everything is not about peppering. One secret about me is that once I see something good happen to someone and I want that goodness as well I pray to God and put in the work I can never be envious of someone’s happiness to the extent of commenting on their page when I’m not a witch. Know this and know peace. Happy New Month.”


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