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Stop the ‘puke’ inducing photoshoots – Emmy Collins blasts Chika Ike

Fancy Nancy - Chika Ike

It’s been quite a while we heard from Emmy Collins, he is always blunt and brutal!! This time he comes for Chika Ike

… It is generally recognised globally that celebrities influence trends as opposed to copying trends. When I hear stuff like Omotola or Genevieve being misrepresented as “influential”, I swiftly put on my confused face. I dare anyone to point out to me what sphere of life either of the aforementioned ladies has been influential in…….

Film? Fashion? What? To be influential, you must have something about you that is original, that is just you, something that inspires people.

Well, this is all about that Chika Ike’s “puke inducing” shoot. Forgive me if appear to exhibit ruthless stance towards Chika but this girl gives me the heebie-jeebies with these low quality and meaningless shoots.

What is this shoot about? We really need to simmer down on this “shoot attack” engulfing the creative industry. Do we really have a creative industry? When people simply replicate others, is that really creativity? It is accepted to be inspired by others but never copy them!

I’m about to launch an appeal to force her to spare us, ok, me these shoots or at least forward warnings so those of us with weak stomach can scamper out of town before she launches her “photo shoot” attack.

Do you agree with Emmy Collins


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