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Sultan of Sokoto Was Not Sincere For Saying Christians Are Not Facing Persecution In Nigeria – CAN

canChristian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has rubbished reports by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, that Christians were not under any form of persecution in the country.

According to CAN, via the Vice Chairman of CAN (Northern Region), Rev. John Hayab, the monarch was not completely honest with what he said.

Rev. John added that it is sad that the monarch was not prepared to face the reality in Nigeria currently.

His words, “With all due respect, we believe the Muslim leader is living in denial on the issue of persecution of Christians in this country.

“We have presented several petitions before the Sultan of Sokoto on religious persecution but what has he done?

“We brought to his notice in NIREC; the issue of ban on the teaching of Christian Religious Knowledge in secondary schools in the north. What did he do?

“We also presented before him cases where Christians who want to buy land in some northern communities are compelled to sign documents stating that they would not use the property for church activities or for hotel services. What has he done about it?”

“Even the very act of comparing church activities with hotel services is not just a form of persecution but an insult aimed at Christian.

“Is it the issue of cabinet appointments in state executive councils? There are Christians and Muslims among the Fulanis, the Hausas and other minority tribes in the North. But, how many governors can boast of cabinets that are fair and balanced in terms of religious representation? Is the Sultan not aware of the nepotism?

“Similar religious nepotism is also witnessed in the offer of state jobs, admissions into tertiary institutions, and awards of contracts. Does the Sultan of Sokoto not consider these happenings as religious persecution?

“Was he not aware that Leah Sharibu’s was not negotiated by the Federal Government on account of her refusal to renounce her Christian faith? Whereas, the same government activated all its diplomatic resources to ensure the freedom of the daughter of a prominent Muslim faithful whose daughter was accused of drug peddling in Saudi Arabia.”

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