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I did NOT attack Rihanna on twitter – Amanda Bynes

Rihanna and Amanda Bynes

Amanda claims she never said Rihanna was ‘not pretty’. The Twitterverse went bananas this weekend when Amanda Bynes supposedly bashed Rihanna over her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, but now the ‘She’s The Man’ star is insisting it was all one big misunderstanding. In fact, Amanda says she never tweeted ...

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Amanda Bynes has sparked outrage after aiming a bizarre racist Twitter rant at Rihanna.

riah friend

The troubled American actress said 25-year-old singer Rihanna looks �so ugly trying to be white”. She even went on to suggest the singer’s looks could be the reason why her ex Chris Brown assaulted her, saying: “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”   Amanda � who used ...

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