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The amazing afrobeat music scene in Melbourne Australia

Lamine Sonko

Afrobeat, Afrobeats, Afro-beats or Afrobeatz, there are some of the different ways you can call the genre, whatever you wanna name it, the origins of the music are not entirely clear. What is clear is that Afrobeat is able to merge traditional rhythm with new techniques, and the result is ...

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Nigerian Arrested In Australia With $10m Worth of Hard Drug Hidden In Gold Fish Statues

A citizen of Nigeria, has just been arrested in Australia with ten million U.S Dollars worth of hard drug concealed in gold fish statue. Border officials in Sydney, Australia found about ten kilograms of the hard and very addictive substance in one of three gold fish statues headed to a ...

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Chris Brown publicly begs Australian Government following his baring

Last week, singer Chris Brown mocked TMZ after they reported that the Australian embassy was set to deny him visa into their country which would affect his show coming up this December But it turns out to be true: the Australian government wants him to make a case of entry ...

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List of the world’s most expensive and cheapest cities

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore has retained its position as the world’s most expensive city. It tops the list for its absurdly expensive prices in the following categories: Clothes, Groceries,Cars and transportation! Other expensive countries in the list are.. -Paris, France -Oslo, Norway -Zurich, Switzerland -Sydney, Australia ...

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Seizures? Kanye West rushed to hospital in Australia

According to Woman’s Day, Kanye West was �rushed to hospital on Wednesday just hours before he performed in his last�Melbourne concert. The 37-year-old hip hop star was reportedly��taken to Epworth hospital in Richmond where he was given an emergency MRI at around 2pm in the afternoon. According to eye witnesses,�the ...

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Photo: See wedding dress made of condom

Shoalhaven City Council in Australia displayed this gown made of condoms in a recent exhibition at the council’s Entertainment Centre, with the aim of creating awareness about condoms after the region has seen an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, with a 75 percent increase. Can you wear this? Tweet

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